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Twister T4 Trimmer - 02-10023D

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Brand: Twister

The Twister T4 Trimmer is an extremely versatile machine. It can handle both wet and dry trimming as well as a variety of bud types and sizes. We recommend this machine to grows looking for equipment that can grow and adapt to their needs over time.

How much can a Twister T4 Trimmer trim?

Manufacturer specs:
Dry: Up to 7 lbs
Wet: Up to 35 lbs

Which tumbler do I need?

Each Twister T4 Trimmer comes with a standard tumbler (1/4" spaces). If you have used a T4 in the past you may know the standard tumbler as the "Wet Tumbler" and the narrow tumbler (3/16" spaces) as the "Dry Tumbler". If you have a variety of bud sizes, do any dry trimming at all, or would like to minimize your bud to trim ratio, we recommend the narrow tumbler.

Standard Tumbler - 1/4" spaces

Narrow Tumbler - 3/16" spaces

***The tumblers are the exact same size in length and circumference and can be swapped interchangeably. The only difference is the spacing between the slats of the tumblers.***

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