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Do We Have to Clean The Machine?

One of the greatest benefits of renting equipment for your cannabis harvest is that there is no cleaning required! After you return the equipment, we break down and thoroughly clean the machines after each rental. Our team uses a multi-step cleaning process that involves a hot pressure wash followed by soaking each component in a 99.9% alcohol solution. Once we carefully clean the machines, we reassemble them and perform any required tuning maintenance. While this process may seem extensive, it is the best way to ensure that each and every customer has the best harvesting experience in the world!

What If I Don’t Know How to Use the Trimming Machine?

While a new type of harvesting machine can provide you with increased productivity and more consistent results, it can also provide serious frustration. At 788 Trim Co., we work hard to ensure that each customer is confident with the machine before they begin their harvesting process. Our team provides comprehensive training on each machine that includes plugging in the machine, starting the machine, and showing you how to adjust the settings. We will also share any helpful tips and tricks to ensure a successful harvest. 


We know that occasionally problems arise during harvest. This can halt production and cause great inconvenience. With each rental, you have access to 24/7 support, allowing you to get the answers you need at any point in your rental.

I’m Not Getting the Cut I Want, What Should I Do?

Our goal is always to provide the best harvesting experience in the world! If you are not getting the results or the cut you desire, please give us a call! Our team is available for 24/7 support, ready to answer any questions you may have about your rental equipment. We are incredibly passionate about providing our customers with an end result that exceeds their expectations! Oftentimes, problems with cuts are quickly resolved with a few setting adjustments.

Do You Only Rent Harvesting Equipment?

No! While equipment rentals are our primary focus, we understand that renting is not the best alternative for everyone. We also sell our top-of-the-line harvesting and trimming equipment along with harvesting supplies and accessories. 


One of the most time-consuming aspects of harvesting equipment ownership is maintenance and upkeep. If you choose to invest in your own cannabis harvesting equipment, our team offers professional cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, allowing your equipment to remain in top condition.

What Does Each Equipment Rental Include?

We are passionate about providing all-inclusive cannabis harvesting equipment rentals. In order to provide the best harvesting experience in the world, we offer services that improve your overall harvesting process. Included in each equipment rental are the following:


    • Machine Overview and Training
    • 24/7 Machine Support
    • Machine Tuning and Maintenance
    • Thorough Cleaning of Equipment


We do extend our rentals hourly after you reach the 24 hour mark on the chance that you need additional time with your machine. Ask us what the hourly rate for your machine is.

Can I Reserve My Equipment Rental Ahead of Time?

Yes! In fact, we recommend that you reserve your equipment rental as soon as you know when you will be harvesting your crops. This ensures that you have the harvesting solutions you need, exactly when you need them! We offer a streamlined rental process for your convenience. Simply reserve your equipment online, call our team to make your reservation, or stop in the shop during business hours.

Can You Repair My Harvesting Equipment?

Our team offers professional repair and maintenance services. If you are experiencing problems with your equipment, call our team today! We will seek to efficiently repair your equipment, allowing you to stay on track with your harvesting process.

I’m Just Starting Out, Can I Rent Your Equipment?

At 788 Trim Co., we seek to provide exceptional cannabis harvesting solutions no matter your level of experience. We have several harvesting solutions to handle harvests of any size! From wet or dry trimming to harvesting product that is still on the stem, we have the perfect harvesting solution for you! Not sure where to start? Our team of experts is always willing to learn more about your situation and offer advice on the best trimming equipment for you!

What if I need more time after my 24 hour rental ends?

We do extend our rentals hourly after you reach the 24 hour mark on the chance that you need additional time with your machine. Ask us what the hourly rate for your machine is.

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