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788 Trim Co. is passionate about providing growers with the products, equipment, and solutions they need to achieve the best cannabis harvesting experience possible. Our streamlined rental process allows you to reserve the equipment you need when you need it, ensuring that your harvest is effective and efficient.

Rent Equipment

By renting equipment for your cannabis harvest, you can ensure that you have the highest quality solutions at a fraction of the cost of ownership. Additionally, we take care of cleaning, maintenance, and repairs once you return the equipment, allowing you to focus on other areas of production. 


We are always ready to help our customers improve their harvesting process, production times, and product consistency. Our team provides extensive training with each machine rental, ensuring that you are confident during each step of the process. Each machine rental includes 24/7 support. If you run into problems during harvest or production, our team will be quick to provide you with additional education or insight on your equipment.

Buy Equipment

At 788 Trim Co., we are committed to providing the best harvesting experience in the world! With hand-trimming tools, buckers, trimmers, keif extractors, and much more, we are your one-stop-shop for cannabis harvesting. Because we know equipment rental is not for everyone, we also specialize in cannabis trimming equipment sales! We provide our customers with access to the best quality products on the market, always with exceptional customer support.


If you are ready for a harvesting experience like no other, 788 Trim Co. is the place to be! Our team is eager to partner with you in perfecting your harvesting process. Contact us today or visit our shop during business hours to get started.

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