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EZ Trim Wander Trimmer

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Brand: EZTrim

The Wander Trimmer provides the perfect combination of hand trimming precision with the efficiency of a trimming machine. It is a wet trimmer that allows you to trim up to 1 pound an hour (dry weight), will not damage your flower, collects all of your trim for processing, and still allows you to hang dry your plants.


The vacuum creates a suction that pulls the leaf away from the undisturbed flower and into the cutting slot, where the blade spins and cuts. Your undamaged, trimmed leaf is deposited into your bucket head shop vac for easy processing. The Wander Trimmer provides a tight, consistent cut without nicking your flowers.


Trimming with the Wander Trimmer truly is hand trimming. Like scissors, the Wander Trimmer gives you complete control of the cutting slot, allowing you to trim your leaf without damaging your flowers. Instead of bringing your cutting blade to the leaf, the Wander Trimmer brings the leaf to your cutting blade, significantly increasing the speed and quality of your trim.


Suction – The Wander Trimmer comes with a vacuum speed control that can be dialed up or down depending on the size of flowers you trim. For smaller flowers, you may want lower suction to prevent the flowers from being pulled off the stem. On the other hand, you may want to increase suction to quickly pull the leaf into the cutting slot for larger flowers, increasing your efficiency.

Blade Speed – You can control the blade speed on the electric control box. We recommend running at half speed.

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