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EZ Trim Bud Shaker Box

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Brand: EZTrim
LS_COST: 224.25

Quickly and gently separate your popcorn and trim from your buds.

Separating your trim and popcorn prior to touching up and packaging eliminates excess handling. Popcorn rarely needs to be touched up and trying to sift through and find your “A” grade buds when they are buried in the trim makes the touchup process time consuming.


The Bud Shaker Box works by nesting the top 1/2″ container within the 1/4″ Slot container and then nesting the 1/4″ slot container within the non slotted container. After nesting the containers place your assorted buds and trim into the top container and shake the container side to side to facilitate the separation of the popcorn and trim from the larger buds.


The Bud Shaker box is perfect for small growers as well as large growers who have already sorted the product once through the larger Bud Sorter after trimming but need to refine the product further prior to packaging.

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