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Oregon Bud Trimming Machines

Oregon Bud Trimming Machines

Whether you are just starting out in the cannabis growing business, or you’re looking to expand your operations – you know how important the harvesting process is. Creating high-quality products for your customers starts with high-quality equipment. 788 Trim Co. has the best, most updated machines for you to choose from.


With a team made up of experts who are passionate about helping you and passionate about the industry, you will receive the best advice and service when purchasing a machine for your harvesting needs. They set themselves apart from other providers by helping you get your product to market faster and more consistently.


If you choose 788 Trim Co. for all of your Oregon Bud Trimming Machine needs, you will not be sorry. Purchasing a machine with 788 Trim Co. is easy, affordable, and reliable.

Oregon Bud Trimming Machines

Not only will you have an extensive amount of equipment to choose from, but you also receive perks when purchasing with 788 Trim Co. You will receive a 15% discount on all replacement parts for the life of the machine and an overview of how to operate it after purchase.


You will also have access to in-house cleaning and maintenance with 788 Trim Co. so you can help extend the machine’s lifespan and make your investment go farther.


From large-scale businesses to smaller businesses, local or out-of-state, 788 Trim Co. can guide you through the purchasing process and help you pick out the machine that is right for YOU and YOUR business.

OKC Twister t4 Trimming Machine
Tulsa Twister t4 Trimming Machine

Harvesting Process in Oregon

The Cannabis industry is still new and is growing rapidly, while also being subject to different laws and regulations. Navigating these challenges can be overwhelming and intimidating – luckily, 788 Trim Co. will help take that stress away!


With the comprehensive overview we provide on how to safely and efficiently operate the machine you purchase, we help you produce a high-quality product that satisfies your customers every time. If you have problems with the machine, bring it in and we’ll get it fixed, or we’ll order the replacement parts you need ASAP.


Smart investing is the focus of every business strategy and purchasing a harvesting machine for your cannabis operation is smart investing. 788 Trim Co. will help you make the right investment, and stretch your dollars by extending the machine’s lifespan.

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No matter the size of your business or your harvesting needs, 788 Trim Co. has you covered! Whether you’re taking the leap and opening a new business, or looking to expand your operations, 788 Trim Co. offers you an extensive range of equipment options to choose from.


If you have more questions on the purchasing process or would like to talk to an expert on our team, give us a call today! We look forward to working with you.