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Oklahoma Munch Machine | 788 Trim Co.

Oklahoma Munch Machine

In need of a harvesting machine upgrade? Or are you looking to purchase your first harvesting equipment? If so, then 788 Trim Co. has what you need! The best harvest begins with high quality equipment and the team of experts at 788 Trim Co. is ready to help you choose the right one.


Don’t know what you’re looking for? Not a problem. Our team of experts is passionate about the industry and passionate about helping you find harvesting solutions that fit your needs. We’ll make sure that the investment you’re making in your equipment produces a strong return and allows you to get your product to market faster and more consistently.


When you make a purchase with 788 Trim Co. you will leave knowing you can safely and efficiently operate your machine – and maintain it for years to come.

Munch Machine For Purchase

Shop the best inventory when looking for the perfect harvesting machine. At 788 Trim Co. you will find hand trimmers, buckers, keif extractors, machine trimmers, and so much more! The Munch Machine in particular is a great choice:


  • Harvest up to 150 lbs per hour of fresh cannabis, wet or dry. The machine is simple yet effective. Just insert a stem in the appropriately sized hole and the machine will pull it through while gently removing the flowers from the perfectly stripped stems.
  • Control the speed, allowing for variability – slow it down for damage-free bucking of carefully dried plants, or speed it up for rapid bucking of freshly harvested stems.
  • High quality – stainless steel and powder coated surfaces
  • Quiet operation with forward and reverse operation to easily clear blockage
  • Versatile – indoor and outdoor versions are available with industrial casters or flat free off-road tires


You can purchase just this one machine for a reasonable price and it will do more than you could imagine!

Purchasing Harvesting Equipment with 788 Trim Co.

At 788 Trim Co. your purchase goes a lot further than the equipment itself. Discounts, complementary cleanings, and maintenance, plus all the tips and tricks to help you operate the machine more efficiently come with your purchase at 788 Trim Co. We know how important this investment is to you and your business so knowing how to safely and efficiently operate it allows you a quick return and lengthens its lifespan.


Like anything with continual use, it will experience some normal wear and tear. Because of this, we want to make sure you know how to sharpen the blades, properly clean the machine, and keep everything running smoothly. If something breaks, let us know and we’ll get you a replacement part as soon as possible.

Learn More About 788 Trim Co.

Whether you are opening a new business or expanding one that’s already established, we want to help you find the right harvesting solution that fits your needs and budget. If you’re wondering what to choose, let us know and one of our experts will help you find the right one. Give us a call or stop by today!