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Oklahoma EZ Trim

Oklahoma EZ Trim

Are you looking to start or expand your cannabis business and need a new machine? Harvesting a high-quality crop begins with top-of-the-line equipment and 788 Trim Co. provides only the best tools for you to choose from – for all your growing, harvesting, and trimming needs. We know your goal is to get your product to market faster and more consistently – and it’s our goal too!

Our team at 788 Trim Co. knows the amount of time and work that goes into growing your crop so we want to make sure that whatever equipment you need will live up to your harvesting expectations. We are passionate about the industry and passionate about helping you find a harvesting solution perfect for your business.

When you purchase with 788 Trim Co. you will always know the ends and outs of your equipment and how to handle it safely, efficiently, and maintain a long lifespan.

Oklahoma Bud TrimmerEZ Trim Trimmers for Purchase

Buying the right machine is important, so you want to make sure that you have access to the best inventory around. 788 Trim Co. carries hand-trimming tools, buckers, trimmers, keif extractors, and much, much more. We are your one-stop shop for cannabis harvesting! Available EZ Trim Trimmers include the following:


  • EZ Trim Bud Shucker: for both wet and dry product, pluck flowers from the stem without damaging the product, complete your shucking process in half the time with half the staff; speed control available to help adjust to different moisture contents and branch structures.
  • EZ Trim Bud Sorter: accurately, efficiently, safely sort your buds into shake, popcorn, small, medium, and large sizes; increases your packaging efficiency by sorting the buds by size and weight.
  • EZ Trim Bud Trimmer: removes unwanted leaves from cannabis and hemp flowers, allows for adjustment to multiple variables – wet and dry products, different strains, sizes, and growing methods; quiet and lightweight, has adjustable controls for flower movement through airflow and suction, rotation and separation of product, wet and dry trim functionality, and batch time control.

Trimmer Maintenance

Purchasing comes with perks at 788 Trim Co. – discounts, cleanings, maintenance, and all the necessary tips and tricks for operating your equipment. Knowing how to safely and efficiently operate your equipment will help lengthen its lifespan and help you successfully invest back into your business.

If you run into a problem or something breaks and you need a new part – we can get it for you, no problem. We pride ourselves on having access to replacement parts through relationships with others in the cannabis industry and we won’t leave you waiting with your business on pause.

Learn More About 788 Trim Co.

No matter the size of your operation – big or small, we want to help you create a harvesting solution that fits your needs. With a large selection of equipment for you to choose from, 788 Trim Co. has whatever you’re looking for.

If you are ready to purchase your Oklahoma EZ Trim Trimmer, come visit us today and we’ll help you pick out the right one for your business. We can’t wait to get started!