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Oklahoma Bud Trimmer Maintenance

Oklahoma Bud Trimmer Maintenance

Harvesting a high-quality crop starts with top-of-the-line equipment and continual maintenance in order to ensure a consistent product. 788 Trim Co. provides only the best tools and equipment to choose from for all of your growing and harvesting needs – whether you want to rent or buy.


With a professional team giving you guidance on trimming solutions specifically for your business, you will be able to get your product to market faster and more consistently. At 788 Trim Co., we know the amount of time and work you put into growing your crop, so we want to make sure your investment produces excellent customer satisfaction.


Knowing how to operate and maintain your machine is essential to expanding its lifespan and investing back into your business. You will never be left in the dark when you work with 788 Trim Co.

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Bud Trimmer Maintenance

At 788 Trim Co., we believe in supporting the harvesting needs that fit your operation. From hand trimming to machine trimming to a hybrid solution, we are ready and able to help you find the right tools. When you look to rent your machine from 788 Trim Co., we make the process simple and straightforward.


The rental process with 788 Trim Co. allows you to reserve top-quality harvesting and trimming equipment whenever you need it. Once you select your equipment, simply reserve it online or by calling the office. If we don’t have what you need, let us know and we’ll get it for you!


Whenever you pick up your newly rented equipment, we are happy to provide training, tips, and tricks to ensure an optimal experience that makes you feel prepared to successfully harvest your crop. As soon as your rental period is complete, simply return it and we will take care of any cleaning and maintenance.

Maintenance for Your Oklahoma Bud Trimmer

The cannabis industry is still fairly new and is constantly facing new and changing regulations. Even if you’re an established business, navigating these challenges can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, the team at 788 Trim Co. is made up of experts who are passionate about helping you and passionate about the industry.


If you’re a smaller operation working with hand trimmers, or a larger operation working with machines, or a hybrid operation, 788 Trim Co. will work with you on how to operate, clean, and maintain your tools. Don’t let the stress of finding the perfect equipment keep you from running your business successfully – let 788 Trim Co. help.


The highest quality product begins with the highest quality equipment – located at 788 Trim Co.

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Whether your operation is big or small, 788 Trim Co. wants to help you create harvesting solutions that fit your needs. With a large selection to choose from and the option to rent or purchase, 788 Trim Co. has exactly what you need.


If you’re looking to expand your operation or are just getting started, give us a call or stop by today. We’re excited to work with you!