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OKC Rent Trimmers

OKC Rent Trimmers

788 Trim Co. has all of your cannabis harvesting needs covered! With a team of experts available to assist you in choosing the right machinery and equipment, as well as access to the best products for both renting or purchasing – we have exactly what you’re looking for.


We make renting easy, and we know how to help you improve and expand your already successful cannabis operation.

Choosing the Right Trimmer

Deciding between a hand-trimmer or a machine trimmer can be difficult. There are strong pros and cons to either side – all dependent on time, quota, and profit. At 788 Trim Co., we recommend determining the amount of product you need to produce in the timeframe you have.


Hand-trimmers are helpful because they produce a higher-quality product. However, it is more challenging to collect the necessary amount of product quickly.


Machine trimmers are great for larger businesses that require more product. They can be expensive and sometimes produce lower quality products; however, it is often the best choice with improving technology.

Twister t4 Trimming Machine in OKC
Bud Trimming Scissors in OKC

OKC Rent Trimmer Process

Our rent trimming process is streamlined for your ease. We have simple steps from reserving the rental to returning it.

  • Selecting: If you already know what machine you want, call the store or stop by and reserve it! If you’re new to the harvesting process, talk to one of our experts about finding the right equipment for you.
  • Renting: After you’ve selected your machine, be sure to submit your rental request online or by phone. Our team must confirm all online rental requests to be reserved.
  • Set-up: Whether you’re new to the harvesting process or not, we help you set up the machine with an overview on the operation, cleaning, operating, and tips and tricks for the most success.
  • Return: If you return your machine on time, our team will make sure it is cleaned and tuned for the next customer or your next rental.

Benefits to Renting with Us

If you decide to rent with us, there are unique benefits that you can expect! Our team of experts wants you to feel confident when operating any machinery. We include an overview with every rental or purchase where we walk through operating procedures, cleaning steps, and any tips for successful trimming.


Because of our connections to the companies we sell and rent equipment from, we can reach out and get any answers or parts for repair quickly so that you don’t have to halt your operation.

More Questions?

If you’re hesitant about taking the plunge and purchasing a machine, reach out to our experts, and we’ll walk you through the rental process! We’ll help you decide on the best equipment for your business, and if it’s not right – we’ll make it right.


Stop by our store or give us a call – we want you to feel comfortable with your equipment so that you can produce the best product for your customers!