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Missouri Bud Trimming Machines

Missouri Bud Trimming Machines

Choosing the best bud trimming machines and cannabis harvesting equipment is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. At 788 Trim Co., we are passionate about helping each of our customers select the right harvesting equipment, ensuring that you have the tools you need to produce a quality product for your customers.


788 Trim Co. is your premier choice for Missouri bud trimming machines. With experts who will consult with you on choosing the right equipment, the purchasing process has never been easier. You will find exactly what you’re looking for at 788 Trim Co.


Whether you want to expand your business, open a new one, or improve your products, 788 Trim Co. will help you get there.

Bud Trimming Machines in Missouri

The harvesting process is one of the most important steps in operating a successful cannabis business. Because of this, choosing a harvesting machine that produces high-quality product can become stressful. Luckily, the team of experts at 788 Trim Co. knows which direction to point you in.


Based on the size of your operation a machine can either help or hurt your harvesting process. With a large-scale business, a machine trimmer will be more beneficial to you because it produces large quantities of product in less time than a hand-trimmer. And, if you’re operating a smaller business, hand-trimmers are also available to you through 788 Trim Co.


When purchasing, work with our team to pick the right machine for your business and receive the most updated version. Once you buy, you will have access to 15% off replacement parts for the life of the machine and an overview of how to operate it. An added bonus: in-house cleaning and maintenance.

Twister t4 Trimming Machine in OKC
Bud Trimming Scissors in OKC

Cannabis Harvesting in Missouri

788 Trim Co. is different from other competitors because they work hard to help you get your product to market faster and more consistently. Just like any business, it takes a lot of time and hard work to create the perfect product. That’s why 788 Trim Co. works to create the best harvesting solutions for you.


As a team made up of individuals who are passionate about helping you, they are also passionate about the industry. They know what it takes to grow and harvest the perfect product, and they will help you create your own successful process!


Don’t get stuck producing sub-par products, let 788 Trim Co. guide you in the right direction.

Learn More About 788 Trim Co.

If you have questions about choosing the right bud trimming machine for your business, come to the experts at 788 Trim Co. They have everything you need, and if they don’t, their connections to other professionals in the industry allow them to get the right products to you quickly and affordably.


Have questions? Learn more about 788 Trim Co. and give them a call today!