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Used Twister T2 Trimmer & Trim Saver


Gently used with very few hours on it.

This unit features a brand new neer been used helix blade, bedknife, and standard tumbler. The unit also comes with a spare helix blade and bed knife.

Wear on this unit consists of small cosmetic scratches. The unit was originally purchased in September of 2020 and currently holds a 10-year warranty that is transferrable to the purchaser of the equipment.

All used equipment sold through 788 Trim Co. has undergone a thorough inspection, cleaning & sanitation process, and is in good working order.


Trims up to 11 lbs/hr dry and 35 lbs/hr wet 

With over a decade of research and innovation, the Twister T2 is the number one used trimming system among commercial producers worldwide and is engineered to meet the volume and regulations of today’s most demanding cannabis and hemp facilities.


The new T2–built with the same consistency, durability, and reliability that medium to large scale producers have grown to love and now through working alongside the most strict producers to ensure your production meets the required health and safety requirements.


The Trim Saver™ is a revolution in trim collection and preservation and provides maximum separation efficiency of trim, collecting over 90% of your product in a food-safe, easy to clean, stainless steel collection bin.


The Trim Saver™ uses radial cyclone technology to collect your valuable trim, effectively bypassing the impeller used in traditional vacuum-based trim collection systems to provide extract-ready trim to maximize your revenue.



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